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Panel Descriptions

Ask Chip Tune

Hosted by: Nevaylin

Chip Tune is Harmonic Tune's new companion, a great friend and welcome new member of the HarmonyCon Mascot Family! Come get to know him and ask him some questions!

Ask a Writer

Hosted by: Raccoon

An interactive panel where prominent fanfic authors discuss and answer questions about writing and more.

Comic Q & A

Hosted by: Comic Staff

Ever wonder what all goes into making the official MLP comics or just what a day in the life is like of comic artists and writers? Ask away with some of the official IDW comics team at the comic Q & A!

Convention History - Form Worldcon to Comic Con Online

Hosted by: Chocolate Pony (TransformARTive)

An overview of over 80 years of convention history from the first Worldcon to the online cons of 2020. Learn the history of sci-fi, comic, anime, furry, Trekkie, and of course pony cons over the years.

Convention Stories - Trip Down Memory Lane

Hosted by: DoTheDaringDew

Conventions have given us amazing memories over the years! Come listen to DoTheDaringDew (and possibly others) as some really fun convention stories are shared!

Cosplay Q & A

Hosted by: Crackle's Cousin Cosplay

Cosplay! Everything you want to know from some of your favorite ponies.


Hosted by: MidnightPremiere

A panel of starving artists. A bloodthirsty crowd. Suggestions in a hat. MidnightPremiere and the Dootz Crew challenge the audience in a desperate battle of wills!

Drumming Is Magic

Hosted by: Whirlwind

You like drums? Learn some tips and tricks on how you can learn some basic rhythm and drums hosted by Whirlwind!

Equestria's NEXT Top Artist!

Hosted by: RiffPonies

Art is subjective...unless you're drawing ponies, of course! Join the RiffPonies crew and a true color wheel-worthy assortment of creative community guests as teams of popular fan-artists clash for artistic supremacy in a gauntlet of artwork-based games...with YOU as the judge to decide who truly is Equestria's NEXT Top Artist!

Fandom Archival Hangout.

Hosted by: ZizzyDizzyMC

A place for fandom archivers and those who wish to start to gather. Bring yourselves and your hard drives!

Friendship is Optimal

Hosted by: Raccoon

Writers and computer scientists break down one of the most influential fanfictions of the modern era - Friendship is Optimal. Discussion on Human Culture, Sci-Fi, Computer Science, and what the future holds, brought to you by The Optimalverse.

Gamer Luna Yoga

Hosted by: Brass Knuckles / RiftwingDesigns

You are welcome to practice yoga through breathing and stretching, set to MLP music. Tying the gamer theme of the convention in, during this session we will use elements of yoga to go through some stretches that are great when you've spent a lot of time at your computer or console. Options will be provided to practice in your chair or on your yoga mat. Please wear loose fitting or workout clothing, and have water nearby! Our hope is that you leave this session centered and relaxed, and ready to enjoy the rest of the con!

How to Make Online Friends (A Comedy)

Hosted by: Pony for Hire

The world in 2020 has changed and so has trying to 'making friends'. Lets keep the Pony Magic alive by learning how to make friends online, hosted by the hilarious horse "Pony for Hire"!

How to Sell in This New Virtual Space

Hosted by: Techycutie

Join us as we give Artist Alley tips and tricks to help you learn to navigate the online convention space as an artist selling in a virtual artist alley, learning selling platforms, and beyond!

JackBox With The Stars!

Hosted by: RiffPonies

It's not your regular, average, ordinary, everyday JackBox Games! Horse-around with the Guests of Honor of HarmonyCon & RiffPonies as they play some warped party games with you as the audience members, all through the power of the internet!

Keeping Friendship Magic Live!

Hosted by: Forward Progress

Live from HarmonyCon, it's the Keeping Friendship Magic Podcast! Join us for a live recording of our latest episode as Forward Progress, Nova Rose, and some very special guests discuss all things fandom, social science, and how to keep friendship magic!

MLPT Mad Lib Pony Theater

Hosted by: Forward Progress

Join in the ___(noun)___ as we take your suggestions to fill in the blanks of some of pony's most memorable scenes. You won't believe your ___(noun)___ as we perform these scenes in ___(adjective)___ ways you never expected!

Mad Comics

Hosted by: Comic Staff

Enjoy the crazy antics of comic creation as our IDW guest creates scenes for the comic artists to draw.

Minty's Fan Animation Workshop!

Hosted by: Minty Root

S9 is over and the G5 Movie is so far in the future, you need your dose of moving ponies, so why not make them yourself at home? Join fan animator Minty Root as he shows the inner workings of fan animations and how you too could make your own.

My Little Millionaire

Hosted by: Bobby Seas

My Little Millionaire makes its return to HarmonyCon! The longest running brony game show, join the audience for a chance to be a contestant and show your knowledge of all things pony!

Neva Draws Your OC

Hosted by: Nevaylin

Nevaylin draws horses. If you have your own horse, come get it drawn!

OC Shuffle Up!

Hosted by: Nevaylin

A fun game in which viewer-submitted "traits" are randomized and implemented onto an OC being designed before your very eyes. Absurdity and hilarity guaranteed to ensue.

OPERATION S.H.I.P.F.I.C - Mission C.Y.B.E.R.S.P.A.C.E - Create a Shipfic Card

Hosted by: Storm Chaser

Assist in designing a brand new Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder card to be distributed at a later date! Participants will also get their first look at the finalized HarmonyCon '20 card and upcoming cards, with surprises in store!

Pony Definition

Hosted by: StatManDan

It's the game of fun with a pun! Based on the popular Canadian game show of the 1970s and 80s, this game adds a pony twist! Fun and prizes await (as well as some bad puns).

Pony The Interruption

Hosted by: DoTheDaringDew

Join DoTheDaringDew as he revisits entires from past panels of Pony The Interruption to pick topics to discuss! When the timer goes off, it’s time to draw and pick another topic.

Riffing Rainbow!

Hosted by: RiffPonies

Join RiffPonies and their motley crew of returning community guest stars from all across the fandom as they resurrect RIFFING RAINBOW once more; the panel all about traversing literature from the spidery pen of Argembarger! Grammar will be defied, precious brain cells will be lost, and they'll try their ABSOLUTE HARDEST not to say a certain three-lettered word you all know & love so much...

Shotgun Angel Productions Presents - Fallout - Equestria Shenanigans!

Hosted by: Fiaura The Tank Girl

Do you like Fallout Equestria? Wanna talk to Voice Actors, Writers, Animators, and Directors in the Fallout Equestria Genre? Get in here!

Stick a Pin in It

Hosted by: Joshua M. Trope

Collecting enamel pins is the latest craze to arrive in the My Little Pony fandom. Come join Sophie Scruggs, TechyCutie, Lumi the Kirin, and Storm Chaser as they discuss all things enamel pin!

Umm, Actually...

Hosted by: DoTheDaringDew

A game for those that like to correct people! Pony "facts" will be presented to our contestants, and it's up to them to step in correct what is wrong!

Valentines with Step 2 Harmony

Hosted by: Step 2 Harmony

Come hang out with Step 2 Harmony as we bake and decorate some valentines goodies to celebrate another year of friendship!

Vending for Muggles - Art and Business

Hosted by: MidnightPremiere

Hey, I'm MidPrem, a vendor since 2015. I'll be discussing the typical vendor responsibilities, rewards, and secrets behind working as an artist and salesperson in the MLP fandom. All questions welcome!

Writing Workshop Bring your own Fanfic!

Hosted by: Rockstar Raccoon

Workshop for fanfiction authors to get feedback.