List of Musicians

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Hey, I'm 4EverfreeBrony, a composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who loves writing music about life and ponies. Thanks to the guys at HarmonyCon for putting on this awesome online convention!
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BlueBrony has been making music inspired by cartoon horses since 2015. He likes to switch genres every time he makes a new track, but each one has a story to tell. Don't tell the other cons, but this one is his favorite.
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Brilliant Venture

Brilliant Venture began his electronic music journey 18 years ago at a lazer tag arena, after hearing a remix of the "B" theme from the Game Boy classic "Tetris." 18 years later, that 8-bit influence continues to sneak itself into his productions and liveshows in the brony fandom. With chiptune being a genre close to his heart, and HarmonyCon holding similar closeness, he couldn't resist doing a chiptune themed set for HarmonyCon Online! Join him for a new set full of ponified chip-infused trance, dubstep, and drum n' bass, as he takes you on a journey you won't want to miss!
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DoTheDaringDew is a songwriter from Dallas, Texas and has been a part of this crazy ride since early 2012. He has been to his fair share of pony conventions, performing on both stages and out in the halls. Whether he is doing that or running silly pony panels, Dewie brings an energy and passion to the show and fandom he loves!
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Drummershy is a drummer/musician based out of Baltimore Maryland. He is also the current drummer in the Baltimore band, Flying Jacob. He has collaborated and Performed with many internet musicians such as Cyril The Wolf, 4Everfreebrony, Tarby, L Train, Luckrock, Vylet pony, Princewhateverer, Geekbrony, Stealing shad3z, MelodyBrony and many more.
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Eurobeat Brony

Eurobeat Brony is the earliest and longest-lasting pioneer of brony music. From penning the original "Discord" from which The Living Tombstone's remix was borne, to several other classics of the scene including "Luna", "Diamond Dogs", "Batty", and several lasting remixes of the show, Eurobeat Brony (or Odyssey, or T. Stebbins, or Ken Blast from the Initial D soundtrack…) knows a thing or two about how to string old classics, new hits, and cutting-edge tracks together into an unforgettable performance.
logo for Faulty


The Self proclaimed King of Progressive House in the current day Pony Fandom will be bringing you nothing but the best music of the Pony EDM scene!
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Hey there, this is Khaliber! I’m a DJ & Music Producer hailing from the United States. When I was younger, I used music as an escape from bullying and loneliness throughout my high school career. Later on, I decided to make this hobby into something bigger, and maybe show others comfort and shelter with the music I make. After producing music for a few years and releasing stuff under a multitude of projects, I would find the confidence in my abilities to work for other artists. I would start working as a radio DJ, and work with many artists as an unnamed producer until 2017 when I decided to start becoming more focused on what I wanted to do–not only as a Producer or a DJ, but as an Artist. So I started releasing music under the name, Khaliber. Of course, that meant I had to start over from scratch. Things would start to pick up speed in 2019. I would start getting gigs as a mobile DJ in the Miami area, which included, charity events, private parties, and a few college parties. Then, I would release “Memento Mori” , which would be my first track to gain a considerable amount of traction, almost 40,000 views on YouTube and 5000 plays on SoundCloud as of today. Then finally, in 2020, I would make my debut on the Ponies At Dawn label with my single, “Beyond” on the Eclipse album, and continue to be featured in their latest charity album, Introspection, with my newest single, "Phoenix."
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Hiya! I'm Koa. You might know me from that time I was part of eleven songs on a Ponies At Dawn record! I like making colorful bops, blending and blurring lines between genres, and most of all, helping you have a blast! Let's dance!
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Luck Rock

Luck Rock is a pop-punk musician known for high-energy songs as well as dumb memes and occasionally a heartfelt show-tune. In addition to making and performing brony songs, he works as a fandom music promoter and concert manager. Come join in the joy, the tears, and the fully encapsulating performance that will leave you saying “Yeah…it was alright”
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MelodyBrony is a multi-instrumentalist musician based in southeast Michigan. He specializes in rock and metal but also does softer genres as well. With a track record of many performances, he has a sound for all audiences. Original album "Origins" available now
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Metajoker, or Ari, is a singer/songwriter and piano player who has performed Brony music at conventions since 2011, and has worked with artists such as 4EverfreeBrony, UndreamedPanic, Gatopaint, Respin, and Artattack. He looks forward to bringing his acoustic performance to Harmonycon 2021!
logo for Nevermourn


Nevermourn is a drum and bass producer and a writer for Horse Music Herald. A regular on the A State of Sugar compilation albums, and a few Ponies at Dawn albums. He is known mainly for his drum and bass music, but he's no stranger to pushing the boundary on genres of music.
logo for P1K


P1K or Poni1kenobi is one of the earlier pony rock musicians and got his start forming a Beatles parody band. With a style reminiscent of bands like Blink 182 and Relient K, you're bound to be having a great time when he's on!!
logo for PegasYs


A classic fandom vocal performer and wub wub enjoyer, come see PegasYs' show if you wanna hear some of the best funky fresh EDM and singing the fandon has to offer
logo for SteelChords


I'm a punk rocker that's high energy, playing hard hitting and in your face music. If you like fast played, upbeat, rock songs, with a 90's or early 2000's attitude, you'll have fun with my music.
logo for Tremil


Tremil is a mashup artist who has been a part of the fandom since 2011. He mainly spins a mixture of electro and house music from the fandom and likes to add fun mashups of popular classic tracks as well. Expect a set filled with thumping bass, surprises, and celebration of the fandom's longevity.
logo for Whirly Tail

Whirly Tail

I'm Whirly Tail, a tiny pony with a BIG heart, and I love to share all kinds of music with everyone!! Come along for a journey through some glorious hardcore, and be prepared to go FAST!!!!!
logo for Wonderbolts


For almost seven years, The Wonderbolts! have brought the joy of rock and roll to My Little Pony conventions all over do United States. This is our third time to perform at Harmony con, and our first ever exclusively online performance! This year's show is going to be a Rogue Squadron show, since one of our major players was unable to make it to Dallas. We're excited however to introduce a new member of the Wonderbolts auxiliary, the excellent drummer Dolphin Boy!